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Silk originated in China and it is an honor to present this ancient oriental gift to you. The collective wisdom of the sericulture people of this land has been condensed ZIMASILK has always adhered to its original heart from generation to generation. From raw silk material collection to processing and to finished products, each step is carefully selected. ZIMASILK hopes that every customer will have a wonderful silk experience and enjoy the silky noble life.

Improves sleep

Helps you fall asleep easier and experience less restlessness.

Reduces anxiety

Deep pressure touch has a calming, soothing effect on people’s moods.

Improves mood

Triggers the release of serotonin, a major feel-good hormone.

why choose silk

Silk is an ecologically non-polluting natural fiber which has unique properties and unparalleled vitality. Gentle and safe,suitable to all ages.


ZIMASILK Silk pillowcase is crafted by 19 momme pure mulberry silk.


The most natural anti-aging product,hypoallergenic,breathable.

Best Quality

Superior durable plain color ,not easy to run after washing.


It is designed with hidden zipper closure.

zimasilk pillowcase

I love it!

This is my first silk pillow case. I had a polyester case that was hot. This natural fabric is cooler and is very soft. I like the size because it went on my foam pillow without a struggle. The zipper is hidden, and it's silk on both sides. This will cut down on laundry frequency because I can flip the pillowcase over and sleep on the other side. Because it's packaged so nicely, I plan to order again for gifts.

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zimasilk pillowcase
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