What is Momme Weight

Momme weight is the second factor used to judge the quality of the silk in the pillowcase. Basically the momme weight is the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk 45 inches wide.

ZIMASILK pillowcase has a momme weight of 19 momme which means the weight of 100 yards if silk used in the pillowcase that is 45 inches wide is 19 pounds.

Momme weight simply means how much silk do you have in your pillowcase, the more silk you have the more luxury you are going to feel when sleeping on your pillowcase and also the more durable it’s going to get, which means that your pillowcase is going to last longer with you and  it can take more abuse.

Higher momme weight has it’s disadvantages also, it makes the silk warmer and less breathable due to the material added, and it can make the pillowcase feel crispier than a lower momme weight pillowcase, it’s still going to be soft but it is just crispier compared to a lower momme weight pillowcase.

Momme weight of 19 momme is kind of the sweet spot between durability and softness, so the ZIMASILK silk pillowcase offers the best balance for a soft silk pillowcase that can last long enough for you to enjoy it’s softness.

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